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Liquidity Services and Connectivity As you know, being an industry leader in mobile trading technology allows our company to partner with many fine institutions. With clients ranging from small to large brokerage firms, we have the unique opportunity to service both buy-side and sell-side firms in the OTC Forex market. we would like to take this time to recommend one particular firm we have a long-standing relationship with- CapMar. Doing business as CapMar Financial, the company focuses on providing downstream liquidity to other brokerage firms, banks and hedge funds across 60 currency pairs, precious metals and Contracts For Differences. With over a decade of experience in the retail space prior to focusing exclusively in the Institutional space, its team of professionals understands the unique needs of retail brokerage firms and provides customized trading solutions to fit your firm’s needs. With blended pricing from 15 major tier-1 banks, CapMar Financial provides pricing to a number of Metatrader brokers throughout the world. In an aim to further enhance its liquidity solutions for Metatrader brokers, CapMar Financial recently co-located its Metatrader servers and bridge technology inside NY4 data center to further reduce latency between its clients and its banks. This results in lower latency and higher execution rates for our Metatrader brokers and its EA-trading clients. With competitive pricing and clearing rates, along with aggressive leverage policies for its institutional clientele, CapMar consistently proves to be a fine prime broker for many of our clients while providing peace of mind of dealing with a FSA-registered broker. For more information on how to receive complimentary viewing access to their institutional liquidity pools, please contact us:

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