Web Trader

SerSart is proud to introduce its new comprehensive web-based trading software, Web-Trader. Whether your a PC or Mac user, Web-Trader allows you to conveniently trade and manage your positions directly from your web browser. This breaks you free from having to download and install a software. SerSart's Web-Trader is compatible with multiple platforms and may be ideal for both beginning traders as well as advanced traders who prefer web trading platforms.

The application interface simple and user-friendly. All traders gain confidence in operating this system after just a few executed trades. Providing the freedom to trade anywhere at any time, the SerSart™ Web Trader able to enhance traders profit level and significantly decrease the risk of loss.

Supported Platforms

SerSart's Web Trader is compatible with all the major trading platforms, such as; ActForex's ActTrader, MetaQuotes' MT4 and VT Systems' VT Trader and ThunderFX. As long as you have an account with any trading houses that support the one of these platforms, you can have access to your account right on the GO. SerSart chooses to work along side Trading-Houses who support these platforms, simply because they're reliable, powerful, and very popular systems.

Devices MetaTrader 4 ActTrader VT Trader ThunderFX Others*
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* SerSart customization service includes alteration and tailoring of existing functionality for all platforms. This is the most popular development service related to our products. During several years of communication with our clients, we created a several version of our applications. If you are interested in customization service for your platform please fill this form in.

Coordinates with Mobile Trader

Fully synchronize your Mobile Trader and Web Trader! Your Web and Mobile traders can automatically share charts, notes, settings, notes, instruments displayed and more.


Have access to your mobile trading platform from any computer with a browser and Adobe Flash Player! No matter what browser or operating system, you can trade currency on the go.


Advanced Chart Tools

The Web Trader offers advanced features to aid you in your analysis – add symbols, trend lines, indicators, and various helpful objects.


Useful Tools

Currency, Profit, Pip and Margin Calculators! Web Trader offers a selection of simple tools, accessible in a few clicks.


You can place alerts, and let the Web Trader inform you about the appearance of any preferred prices. Set the alerts on The Web and Mobile traders and receive them on the cell phone, email, or right inside your trading platform.


Along with Alerts, you can leave youself notes and view them later from your Web or Mobile Trader.



No need to install and update bulky software. The Web Trader offers broad functionality, and stores your settings away from your computer, allowing you to access your account and trade anywhere with a browser and Flash Player.


Customizations and Control

A full featured Quote Board and Trading Panel allows the user to add and remove Instruments, view Position and Order details, adjust Order and Alert prices and place Stop and Limit orders.



White Label

Our company announces an opportunity for online brokers to provide their clients with mobile trading terminals through our White Label agreement. It will give you a possibility to have client terminals designed especially for your brokerage company.

These white label terminals will have your broker’s name and logo and can be designed according to your preference.

Contact us for more details on White label agreement at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .





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